Visions for Transition: 12th January 2013

Challenging existing paradigms and redefining values (for a more beautiful world)

As young people living in a world at a time when humanity is faced with defining challenges to our collective future, we see that many existing systems have failed and that this is a pivotal moment in our history. Our hearts and imaginations tell us that a different world is possible, and we believe that we need to be wildly visionary and ecologically pragmatic. We see many individuals and communities bravely pioneering a new way forward. They ignite us with hope, and we are committed to supporting them in spreading their ideas. At TEDxWhitechapel our speakers will explore these new and innovative solutions from diverse perspectives of the human experience:

Politics – Community – Spirituality – Education – Freedom – Art – Science – Economics – Business – Environment – Holistic Wellbeing


You can contact us at: Info@TEDxWhitechapel.com